US One Consulting Services: Incentive Management

US One Consulting’s executive team offers over 20 years of experience and industry knowledge for successful incentive management administration.  Our process applies across industries.

We can tailor an incentive program for your company to get maximum results in your market. We specifically design each program to meet the needs of the individual organization with the following objectives:

  • They are fair. Your people will buy into a program if they know that it is fair.
  • They are accurate. When you plan to pay incentives, you have to be confident that the measurement is correct.
  • They are comprehensive. We do a thorough analysis of needs and we make sure that the plan meets them.
  • They are profitable. Our programs work where it counts, on the bottom line.

We frequently use The Motivator System which gives you the unprecedented ability to measure and reward performance. Motivator lets you tailor your incentive programs to your company objectives with the most extensive calculation and reporting capability available and you can do it without expensive modifications or custom code. Better measurement and incentive programs produce better results, and flexible software allows you to have better programs.

Discover How US One’s Team of Industry Expert Professionals Can Provide The Right Solutions For Your Organization.