US One Consulting Services: Telecommunications

The executive team at US One Consulting has witnessed the amazing transformation of telecommunication companies over the last 30 years… from an analog/voice only environment to current digital video/data/voice technologies.

Our background provides a strong foundation of understanding for efficient solutions to complex business scenarios. Our services are available via Staff Augmentation or hourly Project Development and supported with extensive Project Management Competencies.

US One Consulting’s primary industry expertise includes:

– Inventory Tracking and Management
– Data/Video and Voice Equipment assignment and optimization.
– Repair Ticket Processing

Service Qualification
– Complex process to feed an Ordering Channel Product List that can be sold at a
Customer’s Address

– Billing Expertise in Telecom

Service Order
 Equipment Procurement through Turn-up

US One Consulting’s Data Acquisition and Divestiture leadership offers detail knowledge of Customer’s Databases and Interface Processes for complex re-organizations and Data Migration to and from the customer’s application stacks.

Our Strategic Consultations leverage current customer’s processes/systems and provide recommendations to achieve Customer’s Strategic Goals. We are well versed in other Telecom Solution Providers and can even recommend a more holistic solution if a new technical direction is needed.

Discover How US One’s Team of Industry Expert Professionals Can Provide The Right Solutions For Your Organization.